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About us

Whitehippo is an services providing company based in Warsaw, Poland. We provide our clients with a different types of services such as housekeeping, babysitting, freight carriage, apartments renovation and etc.
We guarantee high standard and professionalism of recruiting housekeeping and caregivers stuff. Due to individual interviews and special examinations of candidates, now we have a huge number of the best specialists. Because we care not only about professionalism of our candidates but also about personal values. We believe that it is very important to become for family something more than just a person, who will perform his/her duties. Our specialists can be not only a worker, but also friend who can support, give an advice and be ready to help any time. Our company guarantee total privacy and individual approach to our clients.

Have you ever thought how long it takes you to keep your house clean? In order to get everything done well, for sure you have to spend a plenty of your time to achieve the best results. For instance, just imagine how many things you have to do around the house, cooking, laundry, cleaning etc. Is not it better to give all these difficult tasks to our company, and just enjoy your free time? Our stuff will do everything instead of you.
Next issue is what to do with a child when you have to go somewhere but there is nobody who can take care of him/her. Our company also provide the services which are related with a child care as well as babysitters and tutors. Moreover, who needs our help with housekeeping or babysitting, we can offer live-in caregivers.
Please, just think, what do you expect from high standard services of housekeeping and we in our turn will organize them for you. Our company offers services in Warsaw and nearby neighborhood.

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